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Khwai Tented Camp

Khwai Tented Camp is located on the banks of a lagoon flowing into the Khwai River, which acts as a boundary between the Moremi Game Reserve and the Community Area, offering visitors staying here several unique ways to experience Africa.  

The camp’s positioning within a Community Area also provides evidence of human living in perfect harmony with natural wildlife.

Khwai Tented Camp guests enjoy spacious and comfortable tented accommodation, beds and private en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets elegantly set-up on wooden decking overlooking the tranquil waters of the lagoon.  The main dining and lounge areas are furnished to reflect both a colonial and traditional aura of eras past.

Simple yet elegant, Khwai Tented Camp provides guests with an authentic and exclusive safari experience.  



Luxury Tented Camp.

You will enjoy spacious tents elegantly set-up on wooden decking overlooking the tranquil waters of the lagoon.

Accommodation includes en-suite bathroom facilities with flush toilets.


6 Tents – 12 people

Open Season

Open all year round

Safari Experience

Khwai Tented Camp provides a view of the Old Untouched Africa in this prolific and sought after wildlife area, giving guests the opportunity to encounter predator species up close and personal, as well as offering guests varied activities.

Besides the day-time drives which can feature Africa’s big attractions – lion, cheetah, leopard, wild dog, elephant, buffalo, hippo and giraffe – guests at Khwai Tented Camp are able to explore nature after sunset with a night drive.

This activity, along with the guided walking safaris, is not usually permitted in the National Parks or Game reserves, and allows guests to get an up close and personal experience with some of Africa’s nocturnal and/or more elusive animals.

The area is well preserved by the community who benefit from the Tourism Dollar and the wildlife and birdlife in this area thrives.

There are no permanent structures; everything can be removed to leave the wilderness exactly as we found it, minimizing our impact on the environment.

Wildlife & Birdlife

Exceptional predator sightings year round.

Khwai is an excellent area for the Okavango’s abundant birdlife including Slaty Egret, Botswana’s only endemic species, plus the rare Wattled Crane.

The Mopane and Leadwood woodlands are home to Southern Black Tit, Bennett’s Woodpecker and the mighty Giant Eagle Owl.

An abundance of birds of prey can be seen including Bateleur, Steppe, Tawny, Whalberg’s and Martial Eagles, African Hawk Eagle, Black Sparrowhawk and an unusually high density of the rare Bat Hawk.

The open water and marshes of the nearby Khwai River is also home to a wealth of birds including Black and Coppery tailed Coucals, the Ruffous Bellied Heron, Allen’s and Purple Gallinules, African Crake, African Spoonbill, Giant Kingfisher, African Jacana, Saddle billed Stork, the diminutive African Pygmy Goose and Goliath Heron, the largest heron in the world!



Added Extras

Khwai Tented Camp has a private family cottage for guests travelling with young children.

Set along the edge of a lagoon feeding into the Khwai River, Khwai Tented Camp has exceptional views and wildlife experiences in front of camp.

The area is well known for its consistent wildlife and predator sightings throughout the year – Khwai is rated as one of the most prolific wildlife areas in Botswana.

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