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Oddball’s Camp

Oddballs’ Camp is set in on a beautiful palm-studded island on the south western edge of Chief’s Island, bordering the Moremi Game Reserve in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Accommodation is in 2.3m x 2.3m dome tents, fully equipped, and set on elevated wooden decks shaded by reed shelters. Each tent has its own, semi-detached bathroom with hot and cold running water and an alfresco bucket shower – in true safari style.

The bar and lounge areas at Oddballs’ provide a great meeting place and somewhere to swap stories around the fire.  There is a great raised viewing deck that overlooks the sweep of the Delta – the perfect vantage from which to watch the sun set over the palms and view whatever wildlife may be visiting.

The camp is accessible by light aircraft only. On arrival, you are met at the airstrip by your personal guide and welcomed to the island. He remains your guide for the duration of your stay.




Accommodation is in 3m x 3m dome tents, fully equipped, and set on elevated wooden decks shaded by reed shelters.



Open Season

Open all year round

Safari Experience

Oddballs’ offers no motorized activities.

Each guide has his own mokoro – the genuine wooden article, (not the plastic replica), in which he’ll take you gliding through the Okavango to nearby islands. Your guide will walk you through magnificent scenery to view game, birds, insects, medicinal plants, tracks, signs, droppings, and other fascinating natural phenomena.

Guests usually go out in the early morning, returning for a late breakfast, and venture out again in the afternoon after the midday heat has dissipated.  Should you wish to go out for the whole day, we’ll be happy to pack you a picnic lunch.

Oddballs’ Camp guests enjoy the luxury of their own private guide.

Our guides are locals – this is a man of the swamp, born and raised in the area, and you will spend your days in his mokoro, gliding through the floodplains and channels, and walking under his guidance on some of the many islands in the area.

You will see magnificent scenery and light as well as the abundant game and bird-life of the Okavango.

Wildlife & Birdlife

Game of all sorts abounds: lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, hippopotamus, crocodile, giraffe, all manner of antelope including the rare lechwe, tsessebe and sitatunga, otters, honey-badgers, the shy pangolin, and a variety of the smaller wild cats such as civets, servals and genets are amongst the many mammal species you may see.

Reptiles are well represented – many species of snakes (most of them harmless) occur, as do several of tortoise, terrapin, lizard, skinks, chameleon and gecko – not forgetting, of course, the Nile crocodile, of which some particularly large specimens inhabit the area.

Then of course there are the birds, well over 450 species.

Added Extras

Oddballs’ Camp offers the purest traditional Okavango Delta experience – local guides, hand-made wooden dug-out mokoro, no motorised activities, no generators in camp – we revel in the tranquility that brought us here in the first place. Traditional Okavango safari with your own private guide.

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