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Mr P. Biagioni – Manchester


Thank you for organizing this fabulous safari holiday; firstly everything went like clockwork with no usual hiccups with transfers. The Lusaka Hotel was extremely posh and Isaac picked me up on time with a long drive to Kafue Camp of Mayukuyuku. Patrick Moyo, the camp director, and all the staff were fantastic and friendly and the camp was African rustic with solar lighting. I stayed 3 nights with great food, free drinks and lively evening conversation.  The camp by the Kafue river was a lovely location and I had a choice of a walking safari and game drives or boat safari. Patrick took me out with an armed game guard and told me about the animal spoors and signs. I took a picture of him up a tree directing us to two lions in the grass – he pinched the photo and put it on his Facebook with his story; see his Facebook! and him safely up a tree! Actually there were two lioness hanging around the campsite and they killed a puku and ate it there and then.

Next off to Konkamoyo by Lake Iteshi Teshi. Again luxurious rustic tented accommodation run by Italians Andrea and Laura the food was gourmet and  the conversation was lively with other visitors.  Game viewing was great – elephants, buffalo, lions and leopard.  Stayed for 3 days and it was a wonderful experience. Next to Nanzhila Camp in a lovely location in front of a dambo with water-buck grazing right in front of us. Again everybody was super friendly and the food was gourmet standard, the usual free drinks were great!  Every evening we went for a sundowner game drive at every camp with double gin and tonics and nibbles as we watched the sun go down. Wonderful.

Next to Stanley Safari Lodge at Livingstone. Extremely plush and exclusive lodge, overlooking the Zambezi with the Falls in the distance.  However a little bit isolating because of the layout. Meals were served independently and not all at the same table like the game camps, but the staff were very accommodating with my own personal drive to explore the Falls and all around Livingstone including my old school at Linda. Fabulous holiday, wonderful people, beautiful country. Thank you Katharine.