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Musekese Camp

Musekese is a small owner hosted camp located in Kafue National Park on the eastern banks of the Kafue River.  

The camp is situated in a vast and unexplored corner of western Zambia offering guests exclusive access to remote and secluded wildlife areas in the company of professional and experienced guides.

Musekese Camp itself comprises of just four very well appointed ‘Machaba’ safari tents, complete with comfortable beds, soft linens and locally sourced wooden furnishings. Small, extra touches ensure Musekese is quite unlike any other camp in the Kafue. Open air en-suite bathrooms come with traditional wood warmed bucket showers and flushing toilets, combining style with practicality for a comfortable stay. The main lounge area at Musekese is under a cool, large grass thatch roof, providing shade in the heat of the day where guests can relax with a book from the library or an ice cold drink (or both!).



‘Machaba’ safari tent



Open Season

May to November

Safari Experience

With low visitor numbers and  vast tracts of unexplored pristine wilderness and some world-class wildlife viewing, including the greatest diversity of ungulates in any park in sub-saharan Africa, the Kafue and Musekese in particular, offers visitors the unique wildlife encounters that make for a once in a life-time safari.
A typical day at our Musekese site can include any of a number of exciting activities; from boat cruises along the unhurried Kafue river and its tributaries searching for elusive and rare birds, to walking safaris where the smells, textures and undulations of the ‘real’ Africa are experienced in a more immersive manner. Open game drive vehicles allow us to get up close and personal with the larger animals of the Kafue. Let us not forget the viewing hides and blinds, strategically hidden away, where we wait for the wildlife and birds to come to us.

Wildlife & Birdlife

More diverse than any park in Africa, the wildlife of the Kafue is as numerous as it is varied, with an abundance of big game including elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and even cheetah. The Kafue is also home to one of the last remaining viable populations of the rare and endangered African wild dog.

With 19 species of antelope, the Kafue is also a great place to find some of the less common ungulates, including Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, Defassa waterbuck, puku and red lechwe. Other species such as eland, roan, sable, oribi and blue wildebeest are present, to name but a few. In addition to the antelopes there is a plethora of other unusual wildlife from pangolin to bushpig, all making up megafaunal diversity unrivaled anywhere in Africa. Although the mammalian diversity is impressive it pales into insignificance when considering that the Kafue is home to almost 500 species of bird, a similar number of grass species, and a whole host of smaller flora and fauna.

Added Extras

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