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Booking Form

Booking Form

Please complete our Booking Form and upon receipt we will make contact with you to make final arrangements and to take your deposit payment.

Primary Contact Details

If this is a surprise or you would like the travel pack sent to another address please fill in details here

All Passenger Details

Please fill in information for all passengers travelling

Please ensure the names are EXACTLY the same as written in your passport. Please note if they are not the airline will either charge you a name change fee, or in some cases even make you buy a new flight.



Holiday Extras

We will book the services as per our proposal – are there any additional services quoted separately in your proposal you would like us to include:

If you plan to park or stay at your departure airport we can save you up to 40% on the rates normally payable. If you would like us to book any of the following services for you please tick and our consultant will be in touch to discuss your requirements:


** It is mandatory that you have travel insurance covering all the activities you will be doing . If you require help with your insurance, we have a policy in place that covers all eventualities and this is provided by TAG Connect. Please phone 0845 408 0583 and quote Big 5 Safaris.


Travel Insurance Indemnity

If you have existing cover please put in the details here:

Or if you wish to arrange later then read and tick the following box:


Payment Details

We require 35% deposit at time of booking unless you are travelling less than 65 days from the time of booking, in which case the full amount is due. Payment methods are detailed below. Please check the box next to your preferred method of payment and we will call you to securely take your card details or provide our banking details.

We accept debit card, credit card payments and bank transfers.

*Please note there is no charge for debit or credit cards as long as the card is issued in the UK.  If the card is issued outside of the UK and Ireland, there is a 2.5% card fee on each transaction for both debit and credit cards.

**Please note – we do not accept any Amex or Corporate Credit Cards whether issued inside or outside of the UK.

***Bank transfers from anywhere in the world attract no extra charges from Weekend a la Carte/Big 5 Safaris, but your bank may charge.



Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions and check the box below if you agree on behalf of all passengers listed on this booking form to accept them and make the booking subject to these conditions



Please be aware that all airlines will automatically cancel a return flight if you do not use the outward bound flight. Unfortunately even if we pre-advise them that the outward flight is not going to be used they will still cancel the return flight and you will not be able to use it. They will also not give re refund.


Airport Security

Please note that it is very likely that the new Airport security checks for flights to America will also be randomly used for all destinations. Therefore you must ensure that all your electronic devices are fully charged and able to be powered up to show they work, otherwise you will not be allowed to take them on board the flight.



Personal Data

For the smooth running of your holiday we would like to give your mobile number to our key partners in your holiday destination in case there is a problem during your holiday. This ensures that they can contact you direct during your holiday so that any issues are dealt with quickly. We will not be giving or selling your details to anyone else, and they would not be contacting you on your number before or after your trip. Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.