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Grasslands Bushman Lodge

Grasslands Bushman Lodge is unique in several ways – the predator conservation project, the window into the San culture, the window into the settler culture, the range of activities.

Grasslands Bushman Lodge is located on the western edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, some 80km northeast of Ghanzi. 

The lodge accommodates up to 16 guests and includes two family rooms. The lodge is traditionally decorated and has a swimming pool for the hot desert days. The guest areas overlook a floodlit waterhole which attracts a large variety of wildlife during the day and night.

Accommodation is in comfortable, en-suite thatched chalets.

A comprehensive Bushman experience. At Grasslands you go out with an entire clan on a genuine foraging expedition. There is an immediate awareness of the important role every member of the clan plays, how the tasks are performed, and the opportunities exploited by the different age and gender groups within the clan. 







8 Twin rooms

Open Season

Open all year round

Safari Experience

Guests at Grassland Bushman Lodge are introduced to the local San people, who are all too willing to give you an insight into their world and give guests a true Bushman experience.

Real-life activities include looking for food and medicines amongst the many different types of plants and trees that grow in the region (you will be astounded by the wealth of resources around you at any one time).

The Bushman will show you how they hunt for meat, make fire, prepare their food and build their nomadic homes. They will also show you some of their interesting past-times and communal games, which all have benefits towards maintaining fitness and health or improving essential skills.

A highlight is to see the Bushman perform one of the many story-telling or ceremonial dances.

Another highlight at Grassland Bushman Lodge is the Predator Project. Predators move from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to these cattle areas on a very regular basis – it offers easy prey and a reliable source of water. Sadly, farmers in Botswana are allowed to shoot predators at random, to protect their valuable livestock. Grassland Bushman Lodge works hand in hand with Botswana Department of Wildlife to save these predators.


Wildlife & Birdlife

All plains game and various species of Kalahari Birds.


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